"We wanted to show off our roots in this EP while still writing the catchiest songs we could. To get the sounds we truly wanted, we took a more hands-on approach with the recording process for the first time. GlazeTV is Glaze through & through.”

Austin band Glaze intertwines influences from differing genres that share similarities on their latest EP, GlazeTV. The release follows prior EPs Dimensions, from 2016, and Wasted Mind, from 2017, showcasing the growth in their reimagination of shoegaze, resulting in a perfectly fuzzed out EP. 

The group, comprised of Stephen McElwee (guitar, vocals, keys), Austin Yeates (bass) and Jake Villarreal (percussion),  create a full, engulfing sound with their music, especially in terms of GlazeTV.

Opener “Beetlejuice” is a winding ‘shoegaze meets indie-rock and the two skip class with lofi’ kind of song. McElwee’s distorted and distant voice sings out “All my life I cared about the wrong thing,” amidst punchy instrumentals. “Valentine” has a more dream pop feel to it, the vocals more clear but echoed by “ooohs” and held up by shifting guitar parts. “Moody” follows a similar pattern of surrounding songs, while delving into more complicated lyrics, speaking to truth hopes like “I can’t wait to see myself/Better mind, in better health” but also confessing feelings like “I move too slow/life’s gone too fast/wish it wasn’t like this.” Closing track “Yuki” opens with a jolting and quick reverb that flows into the song, eventually closing itself with muffled speaking and the sound of a TV turning off. McElwee states “‘Yuki’ is a love song inspired by the romantic Spanish oldies my mom listened to when I was young. I wanted to challenge myself to write a song in Spanish, while translating the emotions from those songs into what is now ‘Yuki.’”

GlazeTV is an impressive addition to Glaze’s building discography, and it can only be hoped that their next release is a full-length...