A Cacophony of Adolescence in Suburbia: A documentation of a house show in Fillmore, Ca 

Down a dirt road and up a hill, a house strung with lights carries the soul of what it is to be alive.

The pure joy in the dance; the pure art in the song.


Amongst the sweat of loud poetry and the stench of whatever spilt in that cup, a guy in a rainbow dress and a girl in all black with stomping boots bond over a common love of music with enough dedication to mosh regardless of tempo. It’s a messy scene that’s raw, alive, and beautiful.


Strange Case opened with a raw track that proves our societal degeneration called “Stoned at the Flea Market.” They then followed with their new album Too Bad Too Sad, which was released in June. Lead singer, Mikey, wants to report that the event was, in fact, “pretty hesh,” an event your mother would be proud that you attended.


Pancho and the Wizards, mobbing three hours to make this show alive, mixed up their set with classics and newbies off of Cemetery (coming out on vinyl soon). Tristan, the lead singer, remarked that they were “just goofing off and being sloppy, but that’s what made it fun.” After calling it, the owner of the house listened to the will of the crowd and allowed five encores for the San Luis Obispo band, and the crowd still demanded more.


Local music and local kids are the epitome of nostalgia and time slipping through our fingertips. These nights are the inescapable memories of a finite world.