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      Cataldo’s sixth album release, Literally Main Street, is exactly what you would expect from Seattle-based musician and songwriter, Eric Anderson. Anderson has been releasing music under the name Cataldo for almost 15 years, and his incorporation of folk, pop, rock and soul has allowed for him to stray away from the confinement of genre and into the territory of creative freedom. The newest Cataldo record does just that and more.

        In addition to Cataldo’s previous albums, Literally Main Street follows the same framework of Anderson’s witty, illustrative lyrics, captivating melodies and intricate composition, while also adding new components to his musical structure. Tracks such as “For You, With You” and “When You First See The Waves,” are just two examples of many that showcase these new facets of Anderson’s work. From the elaborate piano arrangements to the insightful lyricism, this record seems to be the epitome of Cataldo’s creative direction. 

        Listening to Literally Main Street feels familiar and intimate, while also giving the audience something new at the same time. It allows listeners to formulate illustrations of the events Anderson is describing and make them their own. Whether it’s “that guy who only wears sandals” or buying “cheap gin and Hawaiian punch,” Anderson provides people a glimpse into his own experiences and observations that they can also relate back to themselves. 

       Cataldo creates music that allows for intangible thoughts to become articulated into relatable feelings, emotions and situations, and that theme is especially present in Literally Main Street. 

That, along with the evocative, youthful essences of Anderson’s messages, make this record an embodiment of Cataldo’s music.