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      Maripool’s latest EP, I See Everything I Know Nothing, truly lives up to its description as a “bedroom project.” London-based songwriter Natasha Simões mixes classic acoustic riffs with airy synths to create five ambient tracks perfect for a day in bed. The first song, “Home,” plays like softened light through thick fog. The filtered guitar is moody and simple, while the breakdown at the end is darker, an interesting shift from the rest of the track. The second track, “Someone,” incorporates a softer version of the punk vocals of the 80s, while the third song, “Hit or Miss,” balances an otherwise floating piece with acoustic strumming. The EP is closed off with “Waiting” and “Alone,” which lose some of the EP’s ethereal qualities in favor of more grounded acoustics. Ultimately, I See Everything I Know Nothing is a great blend of comfort based in simple chord progressions and grunge found in high-hat heavy drumming and smudged vocals.

       The EP is paired with a zine created by Simões herself, complete with the lyrics to each song alongside cyanotype photographs. Her music can be purchased on Bandcamp as a downloadable MP3 or a cassette. Fans of the nostalgic feel of film and tape will appreciate the vintage package of I See Everything I Know Nothing.

Photo by Lola Swan