Los Angeles alt-rock group Liily return a short bit after the release of their debut EP I Can Fool Anybody in This Town with a new track titled “Wash.”  Liily have truly been making waves recently, having scored an opening slot for fellow California rockers Bad Suns, and “Wash” shows no signs of the band slowing down. “Wash” brings forth another riff driven track, a sound familiar to fans of the band and welcomed by all. 

The track opens with a percussion driven introduction, one filled with echoey guitar fills that set the mood for the remainder of the track. The first lyrics of the song, “Dancing with the ghosts,” presents a dark atmosphere from the get go. The chorus, however, brings forth a weightful and truly realistic awakening. “I have no hope for the world of today…breaking their backs just to censor the pain,” could be a reference to growing internet and political censorship, where one must only speak of what all agree to, and whose singular thoughts are suppressed. These lyrics are made to have an even heavier impact in the chorus prior to the refrain, where the lyrics are chanted. Not to mention, a killer pedal driven solo follows the bridge about halfway through the track.  

       “Wash” is accompanied by a stop-motion music video that depicts the band fighting some sort of creature, and which ends on a truly sinister note. Keep your eye out for the Flush Records van, the label to which Liily is currently releasing music under.