In a scene that is seemingly dominated by punk and hardcore bands, Carnival, a dreampop band from Tucson, Arizona, recently released a single titled “Color You.” The song is about the frustration of not being able to convey your feelings to another person. According to drummer Adam Dunklee, “Color You” attempts to express love and care by painting a picture instead of having the right words to say. Using the common image of red being connected to love in popular culture and society, singer Ryan Lemus says, “wish I could color you in red, to let you know what’s in my head,” attempting to say that he feels connected to someone but does not know how to tell them because he is worried that they won’t feel the same way. However, the band was insistent that the song is open to interpretation; they want listeners to relate to it in a personal way.


Carnival’s first studio experience was recording “Color You.” The band said that it was a quick and easy process due to the fact that they trusted the producer, Justin, because he enjoyed the band’s style of music and knew the music scene. The session was low pressure and comfortable due to the nature of the setting - decorated with band posters and full of records and other instruments; it felt like home. Another component that came along with “Color You” was a new member, Chris, who replaced the band’s previous and original guitarist. Adam described Chris as a young and talented guitarist who is “crazy smart with surfer hair.” Chris is still a part of another local Tucson band called The Limes and is able to contribute to each band successfully and in unique ways.


Carnival looks forward to lots of upcoming shows with their new member after getting him comfortable with playing their songs. They also are planning on recording more often and stocking up songs for future projects.