Not wanting to get up but knowing you can’t stay in bed, Discus makes you want to pull the sheets up over your head. The second single from their upcoming album Something Has Happened, out September 20th,  “Prodigal Son” is the first thing you want to hear in the morning. Still rubbing the sleep from your eyes, the Chicago based band encapsulates the half-awake haze that hits before the uncertainty. 

An automatic warmth, the song feels like the first rays of sunlight even as guitarist Jacob Stolz asks “what’s this way off in the distance?/is this what I’ve been missing?” Disguising these questions in washed out riffs and laid back percussion, it’s an existential crisis on a Sunday, a drowsy type of panic you push off. Always slightly out of reach, there is an aimless energy that keeps you searching for something you can not place. Admitting “I am the prodigal son,” the comparison evokes being lost and found again, of being stuck in routines but regaining our ability to change, to go forward and seek the answers that have eluded us. 

Even in these quiet moments of questioning, Discus maintains an eternal grace and ever present tenderness. A certain tenderness and compassion that reminds you of waking up each day to a fresh start. Of the thing inside us all that makes us brave enough to go forward and find what we are looking for. 


samantha sullivan