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On “Winnebago,” Okey Dokey vocalist Aaron Martin eulogizes love lost over a sweeping, slowburning four minutes with Liz Cooper of Liz Cooper & The Stampede. “Last night, in half-time, I found/The words that I had been lurking for,” Martin chants thoughtfully to the crisp echo of an old acoustic guitar. Then, Martin’s calm gives way as the chorus kicks in, his voice flaring over fuzzed-out electric riffs. He repeats “Oh, what a love we had,” all too wary of what’s now been relegated to the past-tense. 

Liz Cooper’s rich, throaty vocals leap onto the second verse. “Hot nights/Cool lives, oh no!” Cooper belts before taking her own turn at the chorus. “Oh, what a love we had”—on a track that is singed with the sound of a summer fling turned too serious, both Martin and Cooper bear plenty of lover’s blame. 

Across the back-half of the track, the tune twists into a back-and-forth as Martin’s gruff tries at reconciliation—“I was out every night/Looking for someone, someone like you”—bounces off Cooper’s sweet OOOs. “Winnebago” ends softly, with a beautiful shimmer of a hand-plucked acoustic instead of any conclusions. And, when it’s summer, there doesn’t have to be.