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            The debut single is impossibly important, it must walk the line between biography and the promise of things to come. With “Blue Together,” Stelahr, the moniker of Berlin based artist Stella Franke, has managed to strike such a balance. The simple piano opening emphasizes her experience performing solo at various clubs, beginning when she was fourteen. Yet, as the song unwinds, it becomes evident that this is a wise showing from an artist on the cusp of her next step. With her debut EP, Strangers, arriving next month via Elite Records, “Blue Together” employs string arrangements that feel sweeping and cinematic, and lyrics that demonstrate pop sensibilities without seeming glib or losing the raw feel of the words Stelahr effortlessly puts forth. 

Singing about isolation and mental health, and the beginning of a relationship, Stelahr examines the ease at which a facade can be created, “I can sing you a song and make you feel at ease.” Instead of creating a false sense of self, Stelahr chooses honesty in the relationship, in turn allowing an introspective and personal song to develop. The chorus is a plaintive ask, “my world only fits us two, would you like to be blue together with me?” The vulnerability of the new relationship laid out in “Blue Together” is compounded in the sense that this song creates vulnerability between Stelahr and the listener. Allowing the listener in with a confessional tone and a textured sound, Stelahr has carved a niche for herself as a dynamic artist. However, it’s one I expect she won’t inhabit for long, as she has proven that she has a penchant for transformation.