Boogie Tape Vol.1, the latest EP from Virginia artist Shormey Adumuah, is a contemporary take on dance music, melding influences from the 70s with psychedelic pop production style.

Adumuah, who produces and performs as Shormey, does not shy away from flexing any and all of her skills on the release. From the first few beats of opening track “Boogie Island,” the listener is transported to a dreamy dance hall, soundtracked by layers of jangly synth and Shormey’s alluring and airy vocals. The fluid transitions from song to song aid in this immersive experience, often there are dips during the closing seconds that then build up at the beginning of the following track.

“LA” is a particularly interesting song off the EP, with its use of echoey effects and Shormey repeatedly asking “am I losing it?,” it stands out to be more vulnerable in style than the rest of the tracklist. But the upbeat instrumentals shouldn’t be judged as an attempt to mask something. If anything, the beats amplify the emotion and validate the moment of confusion as a chance to not lose “it,” but rather lose oneself in something that doesn’t require existential thought: dancing.

Ultimately, on this release, Shormey proves herself to be the R&B underdog we should all be rooting for.

Boogie Tape Vol.1 was released through Richmond-based label Citrus City and tapes can be purchased on their Bandcamp page. Shormey will be joining Crumb and Divino Niño for their fall tour, you can find dates and where to purchase tickets here.