The sentence you want to take back as soon as you say it, “Don’t Say Shit You Don’t Mean” is the instant regret the second the words leave the tip of your tongue. The first release since their EP Juice, Camp Howard brings back the tasty riffs and loose jingles that feel like fun even as they sing about being fucked up. Sailing from acustations to apologies, the single falls back into the schism between slammed doors and summer soaked tones. 

Caught up in the endless back and forth, “Don’t Say Shit You Don’t Mean” smoulders and shatters. Automatically stand-offish, the track quickly reverses its stance asking ‘maybe you can help me out, I’m alone as ever now.’ With tight dancy percussion and bright bass lines, the song builds into fuzz riddled break downs, professing ‘I just want you here with me can we just forget about…’ Trailing off the reason for fighting seems insignificant when faced with the looming threat of loneliness. It’s like despite all the annoying things they do, the bed left unmade and a sink full of dishes, you can never get mad enough to walk away. 

The first single from their upcoming album Cañón out October 11th, “Don’t Say Shit You Don’t Mean” is the compounding pressure that makes you lose your cool. Getting overwhelmed in the moment it’s easy to snap and lash out. What’s harder is being able to admit ‘after all this/wasted time /it’s doubtful that you even care to know/I'm still missing what’s mine.’ Working through all those complicated feelings, dealing with all the habits that bother you, and realizing that at the end of the day you love someone enough to put up with all the things they throw at you. It’s the fact that despite everything, you’ll always tell them ‘it’s alright.’ 


samantha sullivan