Australian punk four piece Voiid have recently released their Sophomore project, Drool, the follow up to Pussy Oriented, released in 2017. Both projects bring a refreshing sound to the punk table, while still drawing generously from influences such as The Runaways. However, on Drool the band has seemed to find their footing. The seven tracks on the EP show signs of more infectious song writing, as well as a higher sense of confidence following the success of the four singles leading up to the EP’s release. 

     The first track, “Drunk,” gives the listener a sense of what they’re in for. The fast paced opener introduces us to the gang vocals used on the EP. The following track, “Silly Girl,” shys away from the use of gang vocals, which gives forth a more intimate track. The quiet intro abruptly explodes into a louder, more catchy track, showcasing the band’s ability to change the pace in an instant. 

     “Vile,” the third track, invites the listener to head bang along while the track propels itself into one of the most catchy and explosive choruses on the EP, filled with a pulsing drum fill and catchy backing vocals. “Durry Mouth” further establishes the band’s punk footing. On the other hand, “Twin” brings forth some of the more meaningful lyrics on the EP, telling the listener that it’s better to be different and be happy with yourself.  

        The final two tracks on the project act as the perfect closers. “D.W. N.T.” is a beautiful, weirdfully blissful punk track that slides right in before the heavily prolific closer, “Not For You,” a song against societie’s objectification of women. 

     Drool is definitely a powerful Sophomore effort from Voiid, an effort which paves the way for whatever the group has up their sleeves.