This ain’t The Dune Flowers first rodeo and now they’ve got the boots to prove it. Not quite Nashville natives, Tyler Drager (vocals/guitar), Oscar Schoenfelder (vocals/guitar), George Turner (bass), and Jeffrey GiIman (drums) have assimilated effortlessly to the music city. Saddling up and slipping out of their role as the good ol’ boys from Baltimore, the first of their summer singles, “Lonesome Cowboy,” feels like straight up southern folklore.

Proving it’s not all hoedowns and howdys, “Lonesome Cowboy” shows you a different side of the mythical outlaws and legendary wildcards. Saturated with the sadness that comes from searching for something you can not find, it’s the isolation of passing through one town to the next. With an authentic southern twang, there’s something aimless and pensive about the way Oscar croons you’re “six foot deep/or sent to the grave.” Dusty bones and nights spent staring down an empty glass, the wild adventures start to lose their luster as the morning light approaches. Reloading just to miss, it feels like there’s no way to win as the song fades into gloomy riffs and bluesy whistles. 

While not one of their usual heart melting love songs, “Lonesome Cowboy” forces you to confront all the dreariness and desolation that is as much apart of life as the rebel behavior and whirlwind romance. Wandering through the unrelenting night, The Dune Flowers know it’s not always an easy ride but what matters is that you get back on the horse and keep going. 


samantha sullivan