Singer-songwriter Kaycie Satterfield’s single “Putting Me Away” is a simple yet powerful recognition of how belittlement in a relationship can feel so normalized it can be dehumanizing.

      While comparing herself to objects, like a marked down watch and a “leather bound Bible when heaven and hell stop making sense,” Satterfield sings between guitar riffs about the complications of being put on the backburner. The song’s melody swings, with a leisurely rhythm and sweet harmonies that backlight resentful emotions.

     The crescendo of the guitar leads to the admittance of a life that has been filled with “gathering dust and taking space,” followed by a rumbling of instruments that feels like some kind of resolution. Not so much as a form of acceptance of this treatment, but rather a realization that it is not a way someone should have to live.

“Putting Me Away,” is the first single off Satterfield’s upcoming EP, Women’s Fiction. Catch her in a city near you!!

June 29 ~ NYC ~ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1

July 1 ~ Washington, D.C.

July 2 ~ Richmond, VA

July 3 ~ Wilmington, NC

July 4 ~ Wilmington, NC

July 5 ~ Durham, NC

July 6 ~ Carrboro, NC

July 7 ~ Atlanta, GA

July 9 ~ New Orleans, LA

July 12 ~ Austin, Texas

July 13 ~ Austin, Texas

July 18 ~ LA

July 20 ~ San Diego

July 21 ~ LA

July 22 ~ San Francisco, CA

July 24 ~ Portland, OR

July 25 ~ Seattle, WA

July 27 ~ Boise, ID

July 29 ~ Denver, CO

July 30 ~ Kansas City, KS

July 31 ~ St. Louis, MS

August 2 ~ Nashville, TN

August 3 ~ Nashville, TN

August 4 ~ Nashville, TN

August 5 ~ Cincinatti, OH

August 6 ~ Philadelphia, PA

August 8 ~ NYC

August 9 ~ NYC

Photographs by Sara Laufer