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Petite League has hit another home run with their latest single “New York Girls.” Using skateboards as makeshift baseball bats to smash open beer cans and team uniforms comprised of band tees and windbreakers, they are the rag-tag team you’ve been waiting to rally behind. Embracing the American pastime, upon returning to the states after living in Brussels, Lorenzo Gillis Cook automatically fell in love with the sweaty scenes he found popping up at makeshift shows all over town (including his own). The follow up to their single “White Knuckle Wildflower,” from their upcoming album RATTLER (out July 26th on their self started label Zap World Records), “New York Girls” shows the band swinging into the big leagues.

Shoving all the randomness of youth into ‘2 and ½ minutes of unfiltered lo-fi summer,’ “New York Girls” takes you from smoking the last of your weed on worn out floral couches to waiting around at basement parties in your hometown hoping to run into the one person you’ve been holding out for. Deliriously love drunk, you could smash a whole 12 pack at half time and not even approach the sugary scuzz in Cook’s voice as he sings ‘don’t you ever think about leaving.’ The track has a heart that cannot be contained, love drenching every chord, breath, and beat that gets played. It brims with the suburban luck of gas station scratch off tickets and the confidence of youth that makes you proclaim “I'm bigger than The Strokes.’ Communicating the brutal and the balmy with his switchblade vocals swinging from the earnest delivery of lines like ‘I’m an open casket funeral because I’m such a pretty boy’ to the ‘oohs’ that seem to slip out from behind a smile, Petite League encompasses the best ,worst and most violent along side the sweetest.

Petite League make you feel like even when you strike out you’re about to win. The excitement of being handed that trophy and hoisted up by your team, hearing ‘good game’ and knowing it’s sincere. There’s no crying in Petite League and while that’s not always true in life they help you remember it’s all part of the game.


samantha sullivan