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Everyone’s been there before. Checking your bank account balance in the morning wondering what happened last night, piecing it together with drunk texts and blurry pictures on your camera roll, staring at late night TV shows you can’t follow as your mind zooms. Spending all your time wondering how your life wound up like this and most importantly trying your best to convince everyone you’ve got it under control. Fresh after the release of “So I Broke Her Heart” and “You Make Me OH!” Donny Electric’s latest single “Cool Fool” perfectly captures the charade of keeping it together.

Stuck in the vicious cycle of throwing your money away on whisky shots and doing whatever it takes to avoid ending up alone, there’s always that moment when you realize you have no idea what you’re doing. Going through life pretending things are fine when you’re crashing on the couch and trying to find some sort of direction in a 12 pack of Miller Light, “Cool Fool” is the slump you fall into and can’t shake out of. Disguising the mess with everything from leather jackets to taped up glasses, Donny Electric is the master of making you think things are fine. Admitting ‘I don’t have the answer quite just yet so I’ll just try my best to keep it cool,’ the 80s beats and kitschy synths make you fall for his facade. Swallowing regrets and heading out for the night, “Cool Fool” makes you want to dance even as your life is falling apart.

Offering a rare glimpse of reassurance, “Cool Fool” makes you believe that even at its worst, life still kinda slaps. That it can still sound like trumpets and sick bass lines, even when you’re finding yourself at your lowest. That everyone’s got stuff to sort out behind the walls they put up, that in this world you’re just as confused as everyone else is. Despite the quarter life crisis and the existential questions, there’s still time to get down. That even though it might be time to get your act together, Donny Electric proves you can still groove as you sort that shit out.


samantha sullivan