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Baked with love, “Honeypie” is ready to be devoured. The follow up to “Crazy For Your Love,” Johnny Utah once again captures the feeling of being completely in awe of someone. Sugary and sweet, it’s the perfect little treat to prove he has mastered the art of over the top kitsch-pop.

Love drunk and spellbound begging “ooh girl don’t you stop, don’t you stop ‘till you get enough honey/oh honey, honey, honey honeypie,” Utah pairs mesmerizing synth with his flashy falsetto. An eccentric blend of glittery riffs and 80’s inspired beats, there’s some secret ingredient that makes the song automatically infectious. Deliriously groovy, Utah still makes you feel like you’re tripping over your words and stumbling over your feet, this ditzy head down and hands in your pocket confessional. His quick wit and quirky delivery with “bring your own fork girl you know I don’t provide it” makes you want to give it up and get down.

Shaking off the facade that comes with trying to play it cool, “Honeypie” is a sugar rush you never want to come down from. Funky and flirty, it’s as if Johnny Utah has found a way to make time stop. Suspended in this moment of sheer perfection, all the awkward blunders and pure adoration collide and keep you stuck. Making you smile and stutter, all you can do is cling to the magic he creates and pray things never change.


samantha sullivan