La Palma Polaroid 3600px.jpg

D.C. music scene veterans Chris Walker and Tim Gibbon have come together to form La Palma and, with the band’s recent formation, they have also released a shimmering, self-titled album that encapsulates the varying moods of summer. The band made the album while split between D.C. and Philly, but there is a cohesion to their sound that never reveals hints of this production situation. The songs each create their own psych pop dreamscape, with influences from folk and surf rock occasionally dripping in.  

“One Foot In” reflects the inspiration from these varied genres, with it's twangy fingerpicking intro that transitions into a psychedelic surf rock vibe, all underneath haunting lyrics, cautioning “Your whole self in/and your whole self out/it’s the dance with death.” On “All Fall Down,” the instrumentals stick closer together, as there is an overlay of dream pop-like melodies and experimental effects that come together to create an indie pop track worth giving your favorite TV Girl song a run for its money.

The contrasting styles seamlessly blend together, mixed with the occasional found sound. It can only be assumed that La Palma is probably what being inside a kaleidoscope would sound like.