WE ARE ALL CAUGHT UP IN A FAST PACED WORLD, OBSESSED WITH INSTANT GRATIFICATION, FEEDING OFF OF THE PLEASURE TECHNOLOGY GIVES US. But New York artist JW Francis is here to tell us to SLOW DOWN, in his latest music video for his track “Too Fast.” Be present, be full of love...

     JW Francis: "I know a lot of people who are consumed with a desire to do, to see, to experience, to make as much as they can, I know I'm one of those people - that's why I chose to live in New York. But I can be unforgiving to myself in this way, and I constantly have to remind myself to slow down. A lot of the songs I'm writing these days are like reminders to myself and this is one of them. I wanted to make a video of myself singing to New York, pleading with it to relax, so I went to the busiest heart of the city and I just laid down. My sister Chloe, whom I love and respect very much, helped me make this. I'm wrapping up an album of tunes like this that I hope sound like another world that's a little more kind and generous."

“Too Fast” was produced and mixed by Sahil Ansari.


al smith