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Upon pressing play- the self-titled debut album by The Roves just gets better and better. Following up their first single, “Green Beret,” available on vinyl, The Roves have released their self-titled, thirteen track LP this past May, soon to be followed by their second LP, All Those Freaks.  The potential this band out of London holds is unreal. Despite their hometown, they surprisingly bring the public an album born and raised in 1960s San Francisco.

       Opening up with “Head Is Changed,” a song that is simply made to make you groove, track after track is a happy surprise. Influences shown within their debut album stem from the Kinks to the early Beatles to the Byrds; yet The Roves still incorporate their new, shiny ideas into every inch of every song. Every song on this self-titled album flows and meshes into one, moods contrasting, yet fitting together like a puzzle. The clear-cut and intense combination of songs like “Golly What A Day,” a melancholy soft pop, to the upbeat jingle, “I’m Not The Only One,” The Roves smother their tracks with rock and roll stardust and a hard as nails rhythm. Their clean guitar and steady tempo on drums produce stellar tracks such as “Green Beret,” or my personal favorite, “Down by the Parade.” Despite the simple and sometimes puzzling lyrics, The Roves have put their heart and passion into each song on this album, shown through their instrumental force and elocution.

The Roves debut album is out on 12” now which you can buy it here + keep your ears out for their next LP, All Those Freaks, out on April 12th! The Roves have also recorded their first music video for their track “Who’s Sleeping on the Throne,” a song that encompasses the curiosities in the life of a working man. Check out this magically nostalgic video meshing super 8 and VHS HERE!