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Hari The Band makes you feel weightless. Moving beyond Taylor Lowrance’s bedroom walls, the band now including Ben Crannell and Brennan Walsh, they possess an otherworldly energy apparent in their latest single “Blank World.” A follow up to “Numb,” a 5 minute flirtation with consciousness, both singles posses a dreamy delivery.

Serene and hypnotic, “Blank World” puts you in a trance. Lowrance’s ethereal vocals echo over moonstruck beats culminating in a sudden rush of clarity. Hovering with this mystical quality, their eccentric blend of shoegaze and folk is transcendental. The bedroom-pop roots give the track a reserved intimacy that can only be captured by someone used to making music in their own little world. Gossamer and light as air, “Blank World” is the soundtrack to lucid dreaming and levitation.

With a new EP due in summer via Cold Lunch Records, Hari The Band continues to captivate Nashville with their mellow grooves and mesmerizing presence.


samantha sullivan