Slift’s latest album, La Planète Inexplorée, is a loud, dynamic example of poetic rock.  The album isn’t a departure from their last (Space Is The Key), as it expands their ideas even further. For the new listener, it’s easy to get lost in the transitions from mumbled words to exclamations, but the beat is impressive. It’s memorable and worthy of constant footwork. Particularly from track five, “Fearless Eye,” going into “Trapezohedron,” I’m lost in a journey that is reminiscent of the type of death metal that’s swarming with American anthem rock influence - some kind of hybrid vehicle for psychedelia.

          Slift’s version of psychedelic rock, with its analytic tendencies and progressive themes, showcases a love for being out of fashion in the best way possible. It may be that a combination of their sophisticated ear and comparisons to the likes of Ty Segall, King Gizzard, (Les Oreilles Curieuses) and Kikagaku Movo is the band’s formula for success. While their previous album kept its experimentations limited to chord choices, this one takes advantage of time.

       Relief shows in the second to last track, named after the album (or vice versa). The intro is drawn out with light flitting on some kind of pipe, and this theme is continued throughout the song. It makes for a nice orchestral finish. La Planète Inexplorée is nothing but good feelings in our book of French psychedelic rock. We’re all hopeful for a tour to the States…!