Mind Shrine’s self-titled EP is a mellow debut that provides a sense of comfort by its melancholy nature. Comprised of Brian Gonzalez (bass/guitar), Richie Alejandro (drums), Bradley DeAnda (guitar/bass) and Jess Howard (vocals), the Houston-based band has a sound that curls you in and stirs you like creamer in coffee until you dissolve. 

Each song on the release reflects the differing ways in which soft and psychedelic rock can not only be imagined, but also how they can overlap. The group’s lo-fi production style ultimately ties the two genres together to give the EP its easygoing sound. However, songs like “Foxy” and “Elevator or Stairs” give the listener a bit of a change of pace (or rather, tempo). Unlike most of the tracks, “Foxy” moves with a jazz-inspired sounding bass part and a staccato instrumental feel, carving out a unique groove that Howard’s voice slides over. Similarly contrasting, but in its own way, is “Elevator or Stairs,” as it is a transitional track that fully commits itself to its name: one minute and 23 seconds of simple, elevator-esque, slow-moving psychedelic rock.

If you’re in need of something to soundtrack drives at dusk or the odd transitions fall can often bring, Mind Shrine’s S/T is the perfect EP for your queue.