Slamming you back into those tunnel vision crushes you thought you shook off in high school, “Crazy For Your Love” feels like drawing your crush’s name in your notebook, backseat makeout seshs, and mixtapes full of all your feelings. Trying to get through the song without smiling is pretty much impossible, drenched in the delirium and dreams about the person who seems to make the room brighter the second they walk in. Cranking out lovesick lo-fi in his Philly apartment with the help of Jawncarlo and Donny Electric, Johnny Utah has perfected the head down hands in your pockets ‘yo I fucking love you baby’ pop.

Swooning over someone’s sheer existence, “Crazy For Your Love” glows with unparalleled purity. A nervous confessional delivered as groovy 80s glam-pop, the song shimmers with love and light that can’t be contained. Bouncing between everything from spoken word to falsetto, he posses this electric energy that makes you want to get red wine wasted and call your crush. The combination of chill synth, quirky guitar licks, and jazzy trumpets gives you the unmistakable feeling of being so completely overwhelmed by someone and the feelings you have for them. Head over heels, Utah captures the obsessive up-all night infatuation that sends you straight off the edge and (hopefully) into their arms.

“Crazy For Your Love” is a white flag. A complete surrender to the power someone has over you, and absolute resignation to something so beyond your control. It’s about the person who shimmers and sparkles with a light you’ve never known before, that makes everything feel kind of dull when they’re not around. The one you absolutely adore, who’s voice you want to hear every second of the day, who you’ll never stop trying for. It transcends pride or reason, and makes you forget about looking stupid cause what you have to say is so much more important. Johnny Utah reminds us that feelings are cool, that love isn’t lame, and when you find it you gotta TELL THEM.


samantha sullivan