“Squier,” the newest single from French ‘Doom Pop’ band Dr CHAN, is something of a fast-paced, sweaty psychedelic trip.

      The first five seconds of the song capture the listener with a brooding bassline that then dives into a garage-psychedelic sound that ricochets from verse to chorus and to verse again.

     The lyrics tend to muddle and are hard to decipher first listen but the vocals, not quite aggressive but still undoubtedly loud, provide an energy that doesn’t entirely have to be explained.

       Despite Dr CHAN being from south of Paris, they skillfully mimic a sound similar to that of Californian bands like FIDLAR and Together Pangea, both inspirations for the group.

       The guitar grinds and mirrors influence from psych rock and a little punk. The drums also generate a high energy and fast feel. However, when paired with the bass they together provide a baseboard, a centering for when you’re so dizzy from headbanging that you can’t tell what’s up from down. Both parts provide moving rhythms that still produce a steady tempo and pacing.

      “Squier” is both the first single from as well as the title track of Dr CHAN’s upcoming album SQUIER, being released October 12 through Bristol label Stolen Body Records.