Candace’s New Ruins is an album you need to listen to while road tripping down the coast, while in love, or anytime you want to feel like you’re in a coming of age film. The Portland based/Minnesota grown trio is the epitome of feel-good dream pop. With one album already released, Candace transports you to a blissful paradise filled with catchy, electric rhythm. Formerly known as Is/Is, Sarah Rose, Sarah Nienaber, and Mara Appel DesLauriers have created a beautiful, cool, dream-like sound, and infused it with nostalgia, girlhood, and pure rock.

         Opening with “Sunlight,” the album launches into the hypnotic pop and takes you on a journey with the next few tracks, “Rewind,” “Between the Day and Now,” and “Waltz.” The hazy electric guitar, cadenced drums, mellow bass, and harmonic vocals tie together in every track to construct a mellifluous, spaced-out EP. My personal favorite, “Mendocino,” channels Candace’s inner West Coast-surf-rock sound, yet still manages to maintain their Minneapolis roots featured in the other eight tracks. The last song on New Ruins, “Wait Always,” closes up the album beautifully with a soft hymn that sings you to sleep and welcomes you to euphoria. Tune in to Candace’s new studio album, New Ruins, and their recently released EP, Live from the Banana Stand, which you can buy on cassette for a limited time here.