Introducing the latest music video from NYC bedroom pop artist JW Francis! Watch and listen to “I Found You” and be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming EP release on Oct. 12th!!

JW Francis on the video: “The EP is about feeling grateful for the people in your life and the place you live. "I Found You" is the first track on the EP, and it's a very simple ode to finding someone special, for me that was my best friend Joe Fusco. The way the song was written, it snuck up on me and surprised me, I just found myself singing it one day to Joe. For the video I wanted to recreate that sense of surprise, so Joe just pops up out of nowhere at the end, which is also how he entered my life. In movies my favorite scene is the one where a team forms so we shot the video around that concept, and then we just needed them to take down a villain. The obvious candidate was The Bull, which is a character from a murder mystery party that my friend Drew Johnston (who plays The Bull in the video) put on. Put it all together and you got yourself a music video.”

al smith