Getting bummed out at the beach, decked out in all black despite the heat, “Summer Holiday” drips with discontentment. FRITZ, otherwise known as Tilly Murphy, captures the uncomfortable distance that comes with spending weeks drifting away. A follow up to “Biggest Fool In The World” those awkward teen feelings continue to bleed into her sad girl shoegaze. Post throwing her purse at the wall and running home from the party, “Summer Holiday” feels like waking up the next morning as the disillusionment starts to sink in.

Dazed in dream-pop, the song embodies the exhaustion of having someone perpetually on your mind. Flitting between being somewhere close to okay and completely detached, Murphy admits ‘I get stuck/I can’t get up when I’ve fallen this hard for you.’ Getting lost in a blur of ambivalence, she cant help but holding onto all the fun things they could be doing if only the other person wanted to. Spending all her time fading in and out of this dream world only to be confronted by the loneliness of her reality, she’s left with an unseasonable sadness that she can’t seem to break through. A haze of somberness leaves you feeling like the only thing to do with your time is to waste it, a sense of stagnation where life seems to move in slow motion. Admitting ‘when I lose my mind I start to slip,’ the overwhelming sense of confusion and onslaught of emotion makes you feel like holding your breath as the waves crash over your head wondering if when you break the surface things will be different.

Embodying that impenetrable fog of boredom and restlessness that settles in when you know you’ve been sad for too long but still don’t know how to break the spell, FRITZ’s approach to heartbreak is deeply introspective. Everything seems better in that alternate reality where they end up together, but as that summer malaise begins to settle in, even the sunshine feels dull. Left with a sense of longing that she’s stuck struggling against, she reflects on the defeated way we can resign ourselves to heartbreak, how even when we should be out having fun, that person can keep us staring at the ice cream melting on the sidewalk. FRITZ destroys the notion that we have to be happy when it’s expected of us. Instead she revels in her bad mood, laments for what could have been, sulks around the pool for a bit, and does something better than produce another love song - she writes something real.


samantha sullivan