Practically since the release of You Are Going to Hate This, The Frights have been teasing listeners with a new album, and after two years of anticipation, the kings of surf punk have finally dropped Hypochondriac, their third full length album.

Complete with 11 tracks, Hypochondriac shows yet again that The Frights are always moving in a new direction, straying from their more 50s rockabilly roots and into a more commercialized pop-punk style similar to their friends in FIDLAR.

The album as a whole feels very relatable, and when listening in to Hypochondriac in order, it feels like you are being thrown in Mikey Carnevale’s shoes as he sings the narration alongside you. In the beginning, there are songs about dealing with a bad break up, then comes a song that has already peaked Spotify charts: “Over It,” a tune that turns the tables with lyrics, “You seem to think that we're more than this. Aren't you over it?”

Directly following “Over It” is quite possibly the best track on the album: “Me We and I.” With harmonies that get stuck in your head for weeks on end, and a key change you cannot resist, The Frights happened to once again write a perfect song.

Hypochondriac is single handedly the most carefully produced album The Frights have  created, with impressive instrumentation, and Carnevale challenging his vocal range, it is impossible not to love. The Frights have started touring the album with Hunny and Hot Flash Heat Wave, hitting nearly every state.