LA-based band, SadGirl has released two new singles, “Breakfast for 2” and “Jack the Ripper.” Composed of Misha Lindes, Paul Caruso, and Dakota Peterson, SadGirl has mastered their unique sound, a combination of punk, lo-fi, with underlying layers of surf rock. The first track, “Breakfast for 2,” sounds like a 1950’s doo wop band playing through a broken, distorted amp. Almost like a live concert, SadGirl showcases their DIY sound in these tracks, replicating their golden age roots, while also kicking in a present-day element of lo-fi rock.

      “Jack the Ripper” is the byproduct of The Beach Boys meet 90s grunge. A four minute long instrumental that sounds so underground and retro you wouldn’t believe it was released this year; SadGirl’s implementation of lo-fi distortion sends you back in time. Steady and thunderous drums make your heart beat synchronously, while the riffs from both the vintage guitar and heavy bass force your body to jive alongside. We recommend buying the 7” record to fully appreciate SadGirl’s classic, vintage sound.