Pure seventies joy, Cosmic Cash, the debut album released by Garcia Peoples, makes you feel like you should hop aboard the Merry Pranksters bus just a few decades later. Garcia Peoples is reminiscent of a modern day Grateful Dead. It may just be the name, (ref. Jerry Garcia) or the mentions of a ‘dark star’ in the opening track, “Worlds Illusion,” but it is clear who this New-Jersey-based band is influenced by. Compiled of Tom Malach, Danny Arakaki, Cesar Arakaki, Derek Spaldo, and P.G. Si,- in their 2018 debut, these five guys showcase that they know just how to jam.

       The second track, “Hangin’ On,” opens with a strong percussion, leading into a very Canned Heat-like guitar solo. Mixing rock with bluegrass, psychedelia, funk, and many more - Garcia Peoples know how to jam. In the thirteen minute track,“Suite: Cashing Out/Sigh of Relief/The Midnight Dancer/All The Time/Distant Lands,” they prove this. Anyone who can successfully release a thirteen minute song that I don’t skip through deserves a medal. Throughout the entire track there are refined and psychedelic riffs that carry you on a cloud and feed you hallucinogens. The drums are so thunderous, it makes you wonder what Garcia Peoples is like live. This is a band with complete chemistry, they know how to play and they blend together perfectly. The last track, “I Ain’t Hurt,” shows how well they know rock and roll: strong vocals, amplified guitar, and kickass drums finish up the album flawlessly and ideally.

       Tune in to Cosmic Cash, the debut album by Garcia Peoples to get a taste of true rock and roll in the digital age and while you’re at it, catch their upcoming show in their breeding ground, New Jersey, on October 2nd. See if they rock like they mean it.