Having been quiet in the realm of releasing music for awhile, Nashville band Telefones have risen with “Poor Bobby” and “Roadkill.” The four-piece, composed of Wes Salton, Jack Faulkner, Jason Chiarella and Adam Reeve, showcase a messy yet contained-rowdiness in the two singles.

    The first few seconds of “Poor Bobby” sounds reminiscent of The Fratellis, then continues into a much more upfront garage rock sound. The song is, like so many before it, a subtle anthem to rebellion, complete with dynamic guitar riffs, crashing cymbals, and angsty lines like “They hate their lives as much as you do.” However, there is a tempo change towards the end that allows for a moment for slowing down. Followed by the short and rambunctious “Roadkill,” this tune has riffs and a rock-shoegaze combo perfect to jamming out to.