Gainesville, FL band Donkng has a new album on the way by the name of Familiar Structures. Just to tease us, they've released 3 tracks from the album: "TV Laughtracks," "Automatic Doors," and "Concurrent Currents.” “TV Laughtracks” really socks you in the gut with fast-paced lo-fi mayhem, along with the stentorian vocals of lead Camilo Isaza! “Automatic Doors” will leave you on the curb searching for your glasses, and “Concurrent Currents” will prompt you to get in your car and floor it along to their tunes. Their sound is that of rebellious angst and contempt for the contemporary. If you're ever in a riotous, societally loathsome head space, or even if you aren't, definitely lend Donkng your ears! They'll surely satisfy your grunge/garage rock needs.