As summer gently comes to a close, there's nothing more important than closing it with a trip to the beach. Breathe in the last warm summer breeze before the cool autumn wind sets in. What do you soundtrack this killer last day of summer with? Some surf rock, of course. The Surfragettes deliver their two new singles “Party Line” and “Toxic” that would fit right in with the Endless Summer soundtrack without a second guess. These campy, lighthearted, and groovy tracks will have you out to the beach in no time.

      The first of the two, “Party Line,” is an ever evolving amalgamation of surf-rock’s history. Pure instrumental, the guitar leads as it periodically goes in new directions to keep the song fresh, even taking on an exciting solo, while maintaining its role in the bridge. It’s assisted by the bass, which also takes on new directions to help the guitar reposition its sound. The drum beat is the glue, however. The beat hardly ventures anywhere new, allowing every modification made by the other instruments to keep structure. This track has everything that surf rock needs to have in order to have a good time.

      The second single, “Toxic,” is a kickass cover of the Britney Spears track. The song takes the original song in a new direction, while keeping the tone of the original. Although it’s campier than the Britney version, the energy is maintained through the high pitched guitar notes and the bass support. If surf-rock Britney Spears doesn’t appeal to you, then I don’t know why you’re bothering to read this.