Greetings is a faceless, everchanging band out of Hartford, Connecticut. Containing members from King Bongo, Mantis, Phat A$tronaut, and many more, Greetings is the rockin’ supergroup you’ve never known you needed until now. With their self-titled debut album being released today, August 20th, they offer a stellar groove on these seven experimental tracks. For an introductory record, Greetings sends you to a never-before-seen dreamworld. With features from Chad Browne-Springer and Cody Altieri, the synth album is a recipe of psychedelic rock, combined with slow, groovy hip hop with a sprinkle of distortion on top. Greetings has its obvious influences, some tracks described as Tame Impala meets Earl Sweatshirt, yet this record is respectively its own.

      The opening track, “Idolizing,” ships you off to the hazy, fantasy world that Greetings has created. Groovy guitar riffs mingle with tranquil vocals on tracks like “Underneath from Above,” which display the diversity of this album, showcasing an analog twang, blended with chill, R&B, “So Easy To…” is a hushed, whimsical lullaby that is so unrefined it almost feels like it’s been created right in front of you, just for you. The riffs in this track radiate total 1960’s experimental vibes, yet have a certain modern reverb unlike anything of the era.

      You wouldn’t guess this is the first album of any band. With the countless features, catchy riffs, and mind-bending overlays, Greetings is just getting started. The last track, “Breakin’ My Back,” closes up the album beautifully. The DIY sound on the piece offers a glimpse into how they formulated and shaped this record. Go check out Greetings self-titled debut album ASAP and hear the raw, cosmic, dreamworld they’ve created to appeal to your ears only.