Planet What, a punk, grunge, surf rock band fronted by two ladies - could it get much better? Straight out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kylie Slabby and Jeanette Derubeis are the punk rock matriarchs of the 21st century. Planet What has an upcoming EP, Maggie Fingers, and we’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak peek at their newest single, “Lemon Lime Looker.” With distinctive bass lines, distortion, and Bikini Kill like vocals, Planet What has perfected the art of not giving a fuck. “Lemon Lime Looker” is a fuzzed out punk rock song that is matured with dreamy vocals. There are notable levels of the guitar, with a distorted solo featured in the thick of the leading vocals - it’s just enough to pull you in. The drums are hard and explosive, as if they’re on the verge of detonation. This song was made for the riot grrrls around the world - with fuzzed out punk rock accompanied by a strong female lead, Planet What takes the cake. Go support their upcoming album, Maggie Fingers, and listen to their single, “Lemon Lime Looker” to get your daily kick of garage punk rock.

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