The Babe Rainbow is an Australian band made up of Angus on drums, Jack on guitar, and Louise, who they affectionately call Lulu, on bass. Despite my extreme investigating skills, I’ve found very little on the band, which almost adds to the charm of their music. How to describe this practically anonymous band based out of New South Wales? The Babe Rainbow trio releases cosmic, psychedelic, and retro beams of sound into your ears which seep through your body and eventually come out at your toes. This band makes your soul jive with the twangy, hallucinogenic instruments and the dreamy, sixties reminiscent vocals.

     Double Rainbow was released this past July, and it’s just as groovy as their debut. Starting off with “The Magician,” it transports you to a tropical, hazy getaway. With a smooth guitar and fuzzy, yet sharp vocals, it forces the body to vibe out, smoke a joint, and relax.There’s track five, “Eureka,” which simulates a 21st century George Harrison, using a sitar to set the scene of a hippie convent, while adding in some kickass drums to beef it up. The rest of the album maintains the psychotropic vibe. “Bella Luna,” a relaxing melody, sends you to a dream-state with the soothing vocals featured.

     This eleven track album is the epitome of free spirited love - The Babe Rainbow has perfected yet another LP. Put this record on, listen to it fully, and experience life the way these 3 mavericks perceive it. Light up a joint, lay in a field, and surround yourself with the colorful, experimental, and feelgood group that is The Babe Rainbow.