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        Since releasing a handful of singles less than a year ago, the long awaited fruits of Luke Martin’s solo project labors have finally been realized with his EP Playful Enemy. When discussing his new endeavors, Martin (who is putting out music as L. Martin) has addressed that making music on his own has been an hope of his for awhile. This being so because it grants a kind of freeform and self satisfying experimentation as well as requires a bit of self motivation (something Martin has an abundance of).

      Playful Enemy reflects Martin’s obvious interest in toying with sound, as each song proves itself to be a fascinating composition, all from someone with no formal music background. Though the vibe varies from song to song, there is an overall feeling of warmth and reflection on the EP.

     The opening track, “Anymore,” has a subtle expansion that incorporates dreamy background vocals and horns. During the verse Martin encourages to “go make new friends and look ahead/there's so much more,” but during the chorus he almost pleas that “I don’t think you know me anymore.” This track is by far a gem, with the way it swells and creates a ‘big band’ feel towards the end without overtaking Martin’s easygoing songwriting. The title and closing song “Playful Enemy” resonates not so much lyrically, but more so instrumentally.

     The majority of the tracks, however, echo a more-mellow-than-slacker rock sound with hints of folk and dream pop inspiration. Martin has clearly taken all his learnings from his years with The Walters as fuel towards something more authentic and individualistic to his musical aspirations.