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      Combining the lo-fi beats of Jake and Nolan with the artistry of fellow musician and longtime friend, Jack Pfeffer, Jake Monger and Nolan McDowell just debuted their first album, See You Later.

       “[We] have been good friends since early on in elementary school. We’ve always had a love for music, and now since we all are making music… it only seemed natural to make a collaborative album. For the first time, it felt natural and free to be in the studio with other people,” said Pfeffer.

       The idea of a collab album was always in the works, but was truly put to life when Monger and his other half traveled to Minnesota, a place Pfeffer currently calls home. Adding the guitar, bass, drums, and writing skills Pfeffer possesses to Jake and Nolan’s usual mix,  the boys, filled with a newfound inspiration, recorded the entirety of four songs in four days while there.

      “We watched Prince’s movie ‘Purple Rain’ before making any of the songs, and then we went to Paisley Park where he lived and created. It sounds nothing like Prince’s music, but his energy inspired us,” said McDowell. After, they flew back to Arizona and put their final touches on the tracks, which would then become See You Later.

       “We each make music for fun so it was just another thing to do together,” said Monger. “Jack has so much in common with us, and the three of us have wide music tastes. We just wanted to see what we could make together. I think we want this sound to forever represent the week we spent in Minnesota... and maybe some people can relate it to their own life when they hear it.”

      Many of Jake and Nolan’s previous works include completely improvised lyrics. Although this is not the case for all of the songs on See You Later, “Where I Reside” pays homage to older times and is fully freestyled. Starting out, the group wrote with simplicity and a hint of sarcasm, but are currently moving away from their roots to cover more serious topics.

      “Our first song was the worst thing ever,” Monger states, reflecting on the old days. “We made it on the iPhone voice memos and rapped over a Lil Wayne beat. Now our favorite part of the process is working on the beat and seeing a whole idea transition from beginning to end.”

       While named See You Later, Jake and Nolan are not going anywhere, and have plans for the future: “Fun. A Jake and Nolan album. More fun. Some clothing. Maybe some stickers. More music. Maybe we’ll BBQ with some friends by the pool side,” said McDowell.