When it comes to finding new music, Citrus City is a reliable resource. With their diverse taste and growing repertoire of artists collaborated with, they have acquired a knack at being spot on with predicting the next band you'll be obsessed with. Getting added to said respected list will soon be Virginia’s own Shormey.

     Since she was 14, Shormey has been working towards developing and refining her sound as well as production skills. All that dedication proves to have been time well spent, as her new single “Cruise!” that Citrus City will be releasing a ‘cassingle’ for, is a seamless overlap of disco and lo-fi pop that oozes 70s energy.

     After having not released anything in two years, there is an obvious development in sound that can be heard on the single. “Cruise!” holds onto an unconventional dancey feel that often isn’t associated with most lo-fi music, but can be heard on Shormey’s EP/compilation lofi songs from 2015. This present ambient feel is more of an undertone on “Cruise!” as Shormey’s alluring vocals and impressive beats take center stage.