There’s something uncommonly raw and pure about Kiley Lotz’s music, something that hasn’t been lost on her second release under her project, Petal. Lotz’s brand of angsty rock becomes richer and more experimental on the album Magic Gone. It is new skin, a scar healed over for Lotz. “There comes a moment realize the structure you built to survive is no longer is going to serve you,” says Lotz. And that’s what Magic Gone is about. Side A of the album, titled Tightrope Walker, examines Lotz’s struggle with mental illness, and Side B, Miracle Clinger, was written during her recovery. It feels as if Magic Gone is simply Lotz owning her struggle instead of letting it own her; there’s a subtle power and a reclaimed strength to it that’s delivered with Lotz’s seemingly effortless grace.

      Side A begins true to Petal’s past releases - driving, energetic rock paired with poetic lyricism, and slowly transitions to slower, looser tracks such as “Comfort” and “Shy,” tracks that evoke sincere emotion before the rise and fall of Side B. Beginning with title track, “Magic Gone” and ending with :Stardust,” there’s an uplifting sense to those two songs, placed delicately on either side of two piano-heavy ballads. The soft fadeout of “Stardust” feels like a resolution and a coming together, the perfect ending to such an album.

        Magic Gone showcases the clarity of Lotz’s vocals paired with the heaviness of her instrumentation, the introspectiveness and poetry of her lyrics. It is just as vulnerable and open as it is brave, a showcase of strength and of new beginnings.

      Listen to Magic Gone here, and be sure to catch Petal on tour with Camp Cope + Sidney Gish this summer.