From the city known for its nightlife and music scene, Melting Coffin follow the suit of New Orleans, Louisiana well. With an old school punk backbone, guitarist Jacob Stanley makes their sound clear to many, as Brandon Meyer sings tales of religion with an angry heart. Citing Iggy Pop, the Dead Boys, and the Misfits as some of their biggest influences just makes sense, as the band describes themselves as, “the mind of The Warlock, Haunted Energy, Possession, and Rock N Roll all burn into the Melting Coffin,” on their bandcamp.

    Melting Coffin’s self titled EP is the perfect soundtrack for anybody who wants to celebrate Halloween all year long. The fourth song of five, “Gimme Madness,” is a perfect example of such a concept. A simple riff and the line “Gimme Madness” kicks things off into a full band jam, and a bass and guitar riff set to kill. Gritty vocals and an aggressive tone make this song one that stays on repeat.

      Closing their debut EP off is a song titled none other than “Melting Coffin.” Instead of their usual upbeat punk feel, this one starts off with a slow, deep tone, setting a mood that gets you a little nervous, much like “Waiting Room” by Fugazi. Then comes that familiar pace once more, the beat that begs for punching, moshing, and destroying all your favorite possessions.

      Bringing back such a loved genre many old school punks now think is dead is a tough task, but Melting Coffin pulls it off with ease.