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       Chasefest began as an idea and realization. It was a dream. Red Couch had been together for some six months and we prepared to leave our status open-ended as the end of summer approached and several of us would go away to different colleges as freshman that fall. Blake Ruby says to me something along the lines of, "dude, do you think we could play in one of our backyards, and like have some other bands play too?" And so it was born. We felt like fucking giants that summer having graduated high school (lol), and with the permission of my parents, we got the go ahead to have a couple bands on a Saturday in late July come and play on our back deck. We immediately scanned our options. Collin Hopkins, our drummer, had a math-rock side project called Long Valley, so that was a no-brainer, and we went to high school with some of the legends from Foggy May, three exceptionally tight-grooved cats who had been playing together since they were in like 5th grade or something like that. We were so intimidated by them at the time. Lastly, Blake said he had a friend named Oscar whose band "Every Other Weekend" would probably be fun to have. They were younger than us and so it felt nice to give this opportunity to them as we had valued all of the opportunities that we had stumbled upon in the last half year. It didn't begin as "Chasefest" but some moment leading up to, during, or even after that it was dubbed the name out of the fact that it was located at my house and our last name is Chase.

     Year one was fun, it was wild and free. No expectations and maybe about 100 of our high school friends with their picnic blankets.

     Then we got freaking pumped for Year 2. I started another band at my school in VA and now had a whole 'nother scene that we were incorporating into the festival. It was a monsoon, muddy people dancing everywhere. At this point we now had 12 bands - all of our homies and favorite locals.

     By year three, Blake Ruby started an impressive solo project, and Tyler Drager began The Dune Flowers which was a power house of remaining members of Red Couch and Oscar from Every Other Weekend. We had 18 bands over the course of two nights at two different locations and it was big. We all got such a rush from facilitating this event that supported some of our favorite local artists, as well as united a larger community that was a niche of the Westminster music scene. And it's that same rush that continues to fuel our effort into it.

     Blake, Tyler and I have always been the core organizers, but no credit can be taken without note of the countless hours of help that have come from many of our close friends.

     This year we are really excited for a similar presentation as last year, but more honed in with our planning and logistics and overall management. The hype grows organically each year the more people attend and have positive experiences and it's this phenomenon that helps continue to propel it forward. We feed off of and live for the energy around this event that people beyond ourselves exude. We want each year to be a joyous celebration of our communal existence, and a way to channel and manifest LOVE. and WE LOVE YOU.

     So bring a tent, and your best friends, and enjoy an eclectic genre-spanning lineup of locals from Maryland as well as artists from Nashville, Georgia, and D.C.


Chasefest 2018

August 3rd-5th

Westminster, MD



The Dune Flowers

Makeup Girl

Lunar Vacation

Blake Ruby

Never Ending Fall (NEF)


Modern Nomad

Talk to Plants

Foggy May

Jeff Draco




Benjamin Chase

Pier Pressure

Jackson Wooten

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