Marking their debut album is Kill Surf City, with Ever Notice How Everything’s Stupid? complete with 10 tracks that sound exactly what you would hope for: a beautiful blend of chaotic surfer noise.

      The first track titled nothing other than “Frayed Intro Sanity,” gets listeners otherwise not equipped for what they are about to hear in the right mindset. What this lengthy 50 seconder lacks in words, it makes up for in the pure, hard screams of anarchy. Kill Surf City is not messing around.

       For those with an ear not yet trained to appreciate noise rock, do not fret, for next is a less in-your-face track. “MJE” takes your heart rate from a panic to right back to rest. Beginning solely with drums, then joined by a seemingly effortless, rich voice, it was no question that Kill Surf City took influence from 80s alt-rockers The Jesus and Mary Chain (and confirming it in their biography may have helped ground this conclusion of mine.)

      With killer guitar riffs that terrorize all the moms on the block, and sonic beats that force neighbors to turn up the TV another notch, Ever Notice How Everything’s Stupid? is the perfect garage rock album. Going through tracks like “Cop Out” and “Knuckle Dragger,” both of which, as well as most of the album, have qualities that make them sound like a full band is present. However, Kill Surf City is a project run by a single pair of hands belonging to Grey Gordon. These aforementioned killer riffs and sonic beats are somehow even more impressive learning this fact.

      Debuting an album this well done, Kill Surf City may just have to change their name, as they are truly bringing surf city and surf rock back to life.

LISTEN HERE (or purchase a tape via Blacktop Records)!