scum band pic.png

    Young Scum’s self titled album will make you nostalgic for a time you can’t even remember. Filled with anthems for literally anyone who feels lost, or is questioning their life, whether it’s a mid-life, a quarter-life, or just a crisis, this can be understood by anyone. Mirrored by a fun jangle pop sound to contrast the harsh reality that getting older is inevitable, this album is filled with questions that's sure to make you question things you’ve done in your past or even what your future is going to be.

     The album starts off with “Wasting Time,” a concept we can all relate to and fear. The intro of the album has an inviting beat but sad message to tag along. If time is something that terrifies you, but you want to approach is on a positive note, this song is for you! Continuing with the same theme, the song “Freak Out” is there for you to remind you it’s okay to feel lost and to comfort you through the process. While the next song “Sloth” will make you miss a past lover that may have not even existed, which is the best thing a song can do, is there to hold your hand through the heart break.

    The whole album is structured in a way that makes you feel okay with not feeling okay. This 8-track album with give you 30 minutes of grooving shortly followed by 30 minutes of an existential crisis.

But also fuck it listen for yourself!