After a two year hiatus, Jakob Armstrong, better known by his soundcloud persona Jakob Danger, has stepped out of the shadows and logged back into soundcloud, dropping two new EPs.

     The first to hit airwaves did so in May, with four tracks. The next, in June, contained two songs titled, “a void” and “ghoul.” Jakob perfectly captures a unification of 80s Joy Division style drum machine beats with modern lo-fi noise reminiscent of old Surf Curse demos.

     Beginning the four track with a clip from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the mood is set for the album, and with no other words, Jakob’s guitar playing says it all.  

     Then there is the melodies. As if he was not already drawing tears to the eyes of many listeners, there’s something about the way Jakob sings that makes you feel like you have not slept for months on end. A perfectly distorted guitar riff meets gloomy lyrics like, ‘I can feel your eyes, always, they’re moving,’ from “a void,” that leaves your skin itching, and palms shaking.

     Hearing a toned back, softer side of Jakob is unusual these days. Although there has been somewhat of a pause when it comes to his personal releases, he has stayed busy fronting Oakland based band Mt. Eddy, who this year alone released a new EP, and just finished off a tour with Cold Fronts and Hockey Dad.

     Both of Jakob’s EPs are available for listening on soundcloud, as well as some old versions of Jakob Danger and Mt. Eddy tunes.