It's become a common technique for musicians to mask themes of sadness and heartbreak within upbeat songs, and Chicago’s Beach Bunny are masters at doing so.

     The solo project of Lili Trifilio released their newest single “Painkiller” last week accompanied with a bittersweet music video to match.

     On the song, the stress and anxiety caused by a crumbling relationship is compared to things like dental surgery and hospital visits, giving the emotions something tangible to link to. During the first verse Trifilio explains how “you’re careful with your words, but I’m pulling teeth,” followed up on the chorus with “every conversation puts me back on medication/sometimes, sorry’s just another word you’re sayin.”

     This clever wordplay and overall songwriting that overlays catchy drum beats and cheery guitar parts gives the song a sound that floats between surf rock and power pop.

     Beach Bunny has not only created something worthy of endless listening for the rest of the summer, but they’ve also stirred anticipation for their next full length release.