Clean guitars and a drum beat that makes you want to skip around town, behold Sophia Khoury’s first EP, simply entitled Things.

     “How Will I Know,” the first track on the album, takes you through an average day of hitting the grocery store, driving through the city, and ending the day at a party. With this storyline, it is easy to relate to Khoury.

     The second track felt familiar. This was mostly due to the fact that three months prior, “Hazy” dropped by itself on Khoury’s soundcloud as a precursor to Things. After an upbeat first track, this song aimed to calm things down, while also complimenting the audience endlessly with lines like ‘You’re prettier than what you think.’

     Next was “Don’t Blink,” with a lead that felt very Los Angeles, which was no surprise, considering Khoury is from the music capital. This one again sped things up, and had a catchy chorus that could convince anyone to sing along.

     Starting out drums and guitar, “All I Know” began feeling much like a reprise of “How Will I Know.” Khoury lets her clean voice get a bit more grainy. This works well with the EP, that feels like you might be visiting Khoury in L.A. for the week.

     With a voice similar to that of Cactus Kids, and a style much like Frankie Cosmos, it is no wonder the songs induce a desire to dance. Add lyrics like ‘You got this down, don’t think it over now, you’ll make her proud,  from the final song “Hold My Hand,” and listeners can practically see the heart on Khoury’s sleeve.