With dynamic releases coming from bands like Pond and King Gizzard & the Wizard Lizard, it's undeniable not only the growing popularity of psychedelic rock, but also the diversity of sound within just this one genre.

     Take New Jersey based band Smock for example. Their debut EP Interstellar Nobody provides a heavier take on psychedelia that can be heard in it's aggressive percussion, gritty guitar, and sometimes frantic energy. On the release, Jesse Benicaso (guitar/vocals) wails out in a manner that is subdued, in comparison to the wall of sound that charges towards the listener, but still holds an impressionable power. Though the EP is comprised of only fours songs, each one packs a punch perfectly capable of knocking someone out or rupturing their eardrums.

     With opener “Interstellar Nobody,” there is a heavy, ominous vibe that is enhanced by the pitch shifting guitar parts. While on “Weird One” the tempo picks up, but no other aspect of the song is lightened up on, thus providing the perfect kind of headbanger. “High Life” is similarly uptempo, but this being utilized in a way that gives off the illusion of the track pushing forward and expanding so intensely there is anticipation of it eventually bursting apart. Then there's  “Bleach,” an interesting ending that gives off a push and pull feel, with the way the guitars and drums taking turns demanding for attention.

     Smock’s Interstellar Nobody balances psychedelic elements and surf rock subtleties, in the end producing a fascinating and frenzied soundtrack of melodic chaos.