Giving off the feeling of spending a night relaxing in the cold sand of a California beach, Modern Nomad presented their new, nine track album, A Trip to Magic Hotel on June 22.

     The band from Baltimore, Maryland dished out a fresh take on the scene with flirty basslines and jazzy drum hits reminiscent of the 50s. Singer Thomas McLean, who started the band in 2015, delivers serenades that declare his love and affection - and yes, it feels like it was intended personally for you.  

     Starting lines to “Ordinary Girl,” the fifth track on the album, say it all: ‘Do you love her? Cause I know I'm for sure. Do you need her? If not walk out that door. I complete her.’ Who wouldn’t melt when met with those lyrics?

     McLean also doubled up as a producer, alongside recorder Bryan Lopez and musician Avid Dancer. Having a member of the band on the production point of view as well seems to have been a major advantage to gaining the exact product Modern Nomad desired.

     Modern Nomad’s sound is inviting. Minutes into my first listen of the album and they already had me humming along to the chorus, swaying my head, and closing my eyes. A Trip to Magic Hotel really is what it advertises; a trip to another dimension, one where cares run free and listeners just feel good inside. Overall, their musical style is pretty similar to that of California’s Hot Flash Heat Wave.

     At the moment Modern Nomad is not touring the album, apart from a show set on August 6 in Washington D.C.